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GOSTEST is a group of companies which has been providing services in the field of verification, physical testing and certification in accordance with GOST and CU TR (TR EEU) standards for more than 15 years.

We cooperate with companies throughout the world. We have our own representatives in many countries.

We draw up all the necessary documentation for the sale of products in Russia and the European Economic Union.
The holding structure includes accredited certification bodies and testing laboratories.

As a certification body, the company is accredited for 20 technical regulations of the EEU.
The company's testing center conducts tests of products on modern equipment for compliance with the requirements of TR EEU, GOST R and international standards.

Specialists of the company are ready to offer the service of pre-certification testing of products.
This service ensures that your products comply with the safety requirements of the Customs Union and can be sold in the territory of the Union.

Certification and declaration of products and services are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, and the issued documents are registered in the national certification system.

We are highly qualified experts in the field of conformity assessment and carry out our work with responsibility.

Products for which you can issue permits with us:
  • Computers
  • Home Appliances
  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Footwear
  • Lights
  • Tools and more

Our accreditation:
  • RA.RU.10АД87 – “Farenheit” certification body 
  • РОСС.RU.0001.11ВЕ02 – “Globalnoe sootvetstvie” certification body 
  • РОСС.RU.31621.04ПШН0.ОС.03.2017 – “GOSTEST” certification body 
  • РОСС.RU.31508.04ИЕЧ0.ОС.01.2016 – “Global consult” certification body  
  • RA.RU.21НЕ26 – “In-lab” testing laboratory
  • РОСС RU.31508.04ИЕЧ0.ИЛ.008 – “Test-prom” testing laboratory


Поиск сертификата

Поиск осуществляется по номеру сертификата или по названию организации.

№ РОСС RU.З1621.04ПШН0:



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